Product Description

Natural Non – Hormonal Herbal Biostimulator

Tribulex Mega 750™ is a non-hormonal extract preparation of plant origin. Its active components are flavonoid glycosides and furostanol steroidal saponons isolated from the epigeous part of the Tribulus terrestris L. plant. The preparation has been standardized on a base of the predominating compound, protodioscin and protogracillin. Tibulex Mega 750™ properties are popular among athletes.

Tribulus terrestris (puncture vine) has been used for centuries in ancient Greece, India, China and Africa to increase fertility, libido and rejuvenate the body.

Traditional knowledge of Tribulus terrestris properties worldwide was supported by recent scientific studies. Although Tribulus actually contains no hormones, it helps to support healthy level of hormones and male reproductive health (1). Tribulus Terrestris is being promoted as a testosterone booster. Different studies have shown its effectiveness in increasing testosterone levels (2, 3).

Tribulus terrestris has been used by some of the worlds’ most elite athletes and may also be used by the recreational athlete. Our minimum 60% saponin content makes MVP Biotech’s Tribulus one of the most potent formulas. No significant adverse effects have been reported with the supplementation of Tribulus Terrestris. However, some users reported an upset stomach. This can usually be counteracted by taking it with food.

MVP Biotech® has some other products, why should I choose Tribulex Mega 750™ for the beginning?
If you have never tried testo’s products, it’s logically that you should start with something pure, with something basic, to see how your body will perform in superb level.

What is the main working compound in Tribulus terrestris and how does it work?
The main compound, which gives positive effects in testosterone levels, is believed to be steroidal saponine protodioscin. The mechanism of its positive action is still unknown. We’ll make an update, say tuned.

Is it natural?
Sure, it is, only natural compounds are used in a whole production cycle.

I ‘ve heard that Tribulus terrestris is a big myth and some studies have shown its fail in increasing testosterone levels, what can you say?
Oh, well, we know about these studies, as well as we know about the studies with the opposite results and historical reports from medicine of different countries. Probably the answer is, for most people Tribulus terrestris will give perfect results, for some not. Anyway, you be the Judge!

What are positive effects of testosterone?
Testosterone effects can be classified as virilizing and anabolic. It plays crucial role in muscle growth and increase of strength during your workouts. Without a doubt it increases libido.Testosterone has so many highly positive effects on hardcore life. So, we have decided to go deeply in this question at our science page.

Is Tribulex Mega 750™ safe?
Use Tribulex Mega 750™ only as directed. Do not use: If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications please consult your physician prior to consumption. Do not consume with any other testo max amplification products.