Product Description

What is The Slow Releaze® Protein Matrix?
SLOW RELEAZE® Protein is a unique protein matrix consisting of micellar casein, calcium caseinate and hydrolyzed casein. A precision engineered protein matrix for individuals who strive to maintain a long lasting protein supply during and after lengthy periods of strenuous activities or intensive exercise. SLOW RELEAZE® Protein is ideal to use after waking and before bed time. Overall, SLOW RELEAZE® Protein is a lean protein supplement in a perfectly calculated ratio which provides a lengthy system absorption, body tissue growth, maintenance and repair. SLOW RELEAZE® is unparalleled quality and a different breed of protein.

The action of SLOW RELEAZE Protein™ can be seen in Your Body Chemistry toolbar. The caseins form clots in your stomach and slowly release amino acids for your muscle (1, 2).  Progressive formula makes really long-lasting release.

So-called slow proteins excess amino acids concentration in blood (aminoacidemia). Not like the «usual» proteins, they provide slower and prolonged effects on the concentrations with a great range of metabolic responses: slight increase of protein synthesis, moderate stimulation of oxidation, remarkable inhibition of protein breakdown (2).

Some extra anabolic benefits of slow protein should be mentioned; it is effective in supporting a positive leucine and phenylalanine balance following resistance exercise and shows effects in supporting lean mass gain (3).

Time-divided (morning/evening) ingestion of slow protein during  resistant training even in untrained people shows the effects in fat free mass gain (4).

Why do I need take SLOW RELEAZE Protein™?

If you want to gain muscle size, it is obvious that you need more protein. SLOW RELEAZE Protein™ with its unique formula gives you long-lasting protein support for periods when you are not able to take a meal. You need the slow digestion capability of SLOW RELEAZE Protein™ A.M. – P.M Formula for the last meal of the day before going to bed in order to continue to provide amino acids to the body for muscle development during sleep and for your breakfast to support you muscle growth even in daytime.  For late day time, it is a need to use in conjunction with one serving of PROWHEY™.

What is casein?

Casein comes from the Latin word caseus which means cheese. Simply speaking, casein is phosphoprotein that persists in milk up to 80% of the proteins. Casein protein is the only protein you should be taking before going to sleep. The reason is because your body needs to be sustained for six to eight hours during your sleep without food. Our unique am-pm formula makes SLOW RELEAZE Protein™ the ultimate late protein snack.

What foods contain casein?

Mainly milk products, especially cheese.

I am an Athletic and Active Individual How should I use SLOW RELEAZE Matrix™?

SLOW RELEAZE is a Precision-Engineered Slow Absorption Protein supplement can be used to support high-protein needs for all types of active individuals. Ideal to consume first thing in the morning and before bed time, to add muscle building protein, to your diet.

Please, consult the Daily Protein Consumption Table Guideline to determine your dosage.

How well does your protein dissolve? Will I require a blender?
All our protein powders are highly instantized meaning they will dissolve very quickly in water. No Blender required, simply stir with a spoon and enjoy!

On the other hand, if you desire a creamier mouth filling protein shake Mix in blender 1-2 scoops of Slow Releaze with low fat milk and blend for 10-15 sec.

Can I mix Slow Releaze with other ingredients?
Yes, Definitely! All our Powders are Designed to taste very good with Water, Milk and other fruit juices. Adding fruits, yogurt, Wheat germ and other tasty ingredients are other alternatives you can follow to satisfy your taste buds. Be imaginative and create your own delicious nutritious shake.

High Calibre athletes will also add MVP’s BCAA Powder & High Impact Glutamine to add extra muscle building power to their protein shake.

If you are interested in sharing your own recipes with us, simply let us know and we will gladly share them with other avid users of the MVP Protein Formulas.