Product Description

Revive X²™ is a superbly crafted supplement and in high dosages is extremely powerful in the delivery of micronutrients in a novel combination of advanced nutraceuticals. Revive X²is uniquely designed to work on hyperalimentation of amino acid nitrogen essential for management recuperation. MVP Scientists sought to develop a supplement that they believed to be the absolute strongest in augmenting the hypertrophy process initiated with resistance training (new muscle growth) in type-two white muscle fiber tissue. Also, to maximize the muscle substrates most critical for tissue restoration and recovery!

Is your post workout energy level low? Most likely, it is a combination of various factors. Over training which in reality is just a case of under recuperating and low cellular energy. The Revive X²formula from MVP Biotech® pushes you through both barriers! It not only drives your system forward but the synergistic amalgamation of Revive X²also creates an environment of rapid cellular recuperation power! There is no other Post-Workout Drink Mix that produces such immediate and satisfying results. Revive X²is ideal for individuals who want maximum muscle tissue growth and repair!*

You are not done when you have finished your training. Proper recovery is a key for successful workout. To achieve this recovery your muscles need X² strike that includes basically several important processes.


A brief look at the best and latest technologies of Revive X²™, that are known both to scientists and professional athletes will clarify your mind about some of their physiological properties.

ATP ClycoSynth™ replenishes you blood glucose levels. Glucose has been shown to postpone fatigue, conserve muscle glycogen and improve performance (1).

BCAA FX3™ MATRIX: You lose 90% of you nitrogen through the urine that means the nitrogen balance is negative and your muscle growth is turned off. Intake of BCAAs improves Nitrogen balance in the body promoting Muscle Tissue Growth and Repair (2).

HIGH IMPACT GLUTAMINE G5™ MATRIX: Glutamine plays essential roles for transport of nitrogen (3, 4) muscle building and maintaining (5), especially after extremely hard workouts. We have made it even better (*)!

GH & IGF-1 Stim-Technology™: GH and its primary downstream mediator, insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), play a critical role in formation, maintenance and regeneration of skeletal muscles, providing you with total muscle recovery (6).

REVIVE-TECH: unique combination reduces fatigue (7), supports cardiovascular health (8), reduces oxidative stress (9, 10, 11), promotes NO production (12), may help promote muscle over fat gain  and provide your muscles with energy(*).

ATP PhoSynth™ offsets the excessive negative charges of organic constituents within the muscle cell after prolonged workout and supports production of adenosine triphosphate for providing extra energy for your muscle growth (*).

MEGA-Pro-V™ Vitamins: number one vitamin complex from MVPSCIENCE for pumping up levels of your recuperation (*).

REVIVE X2’s  Bio-Engineering Actions Scientifically* Established For:

1. Revive X² Is Highly Bio-Available: Therefore, You Need Only Small Amounts To Get Amazing Results.

2.  Revive X² Contains New Pharmaceutical Grade Delivery Technology To Improve Nitrogen Balance And To Compel More Amino Acids Into Your Muscles Fast – Producing Dramatic Outcomes.

3. Revive X² Maximizes Recovery Following Intense Training That Triggers Muscle Tissue Growth And Repair.

4. Revive X²Muscle Breakdown Inhibitors Trigger Tissue Recuperation Transforming Your Body Into A Recovery Process Muscle Building Machine.

5.  Revive X² Is A Muscle Tissue Recovery Agent – Provides Training Fuel & Improves Carbohydrate Metabolism – Protects Muscle Cells From Free Radical Damage Caused By Hard Training – Helps Maintain Cell Volume And Hydration.

6. Revive X² Protects Muscle Cells From Free Radical Damage Caused By Hard Training – Helps Maintain Cell Volume And Hydration

7. Revive X² Increases Nitric Oxide Production, Cellular Energy, Improves Recovery, Muscle Endurance And Strength

8. Revive X² Is Potent And Quickly Absorbs Antioxidants And Anti Catabolic Amino Acids.

9. Revive X² Contains 0% Sugars.