Product Description

ProWhey 3G® is an ideal lean protein supplement for daily use, providing a perfect ratio for maximum system absorption, body tissue growth, maintenance and repair.  It’s designed for hard working professionals attempting to maintain lean body mass, during periods of intensive exercise. This formula contains an advanced spectrum of bio-active glutamine micropeptides. It contributes to weight reduction, but only as a part of a calorie-reduced diet along with a proper exercise regime

Why do I need to use Prowhey 3G®?

Prowhey 3G® is mainly about giving your muscles all the protein fuel they need. It helps to maintain healthy muscles and bones, repairs body cells and promotes a good metabolism.  Prowhey 3G assists in building muscle mass. Increased muscle mass also produces weight gain as muscle out weighs fat. Body builders work extremely hard at turning that additional weight gain into a ripped body. Just make sure you follow a strict exercise and workout routine to be assured of  that increased lean muscle mass.

Prowhey 3G®  is also essential for various other key factors like, chemical reactions in the body, fighting infection and transport oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissue.

How much protein should I consume per day?

ProWhey 3G® provides you with 24 grams of protein per serving. In order to have an approximation of the amount of protein to consume per day please follow our Daily ProWhey 3G Consumption Table below.

Am I getting plenty of BCAAs Amino?

ProWhey 3G® is a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids our bodies need to maintain healthy muscles and bones, repair body cells and promote good metabolism.

When should I consume Prowhey 3G®?

We at MVP Biotech think that there are 3 optimal times to consume Prowhey 3G® in order to obtain maximun effectiveness and muscle building effect.

• As soon as you wake up

• 40 minutes prior to working out

• Immediately after working out

How should I use it?

For Athletic and Active Individuals
ProWhey 3G® as an Advanced Molecular Protein Matrix can be used to support high-protein needs for all types of active individuals. As Protein supplement is ideal to be consumed before and after training, to add muscle building protein, to your diet.

Please consult the Daily Protein Consumption Table Guideline to determine your dosage.

For Hardcore Training Professionals

Morning: Drink 30 minutes before your workout.

Night: Drink 30-60 minutes after exercise to support maximum recovery. Receiving appropriate post-workout nutrition is vital. Don’t ignore it!

Non-Training Days: Use ProWhey 3G® 2 to 3 times per day.