Product Description

L-Carnitine Mega 750™ contains 100% natural form of L-Carnitine Tartrate. L-CARNITINE is a naturally occurring cofactor necessary for energy metabolism in the body. It’s a quaternary ammonium compound biosynthesized from the amino acids lysine and methionine.

L-Carnitine has several very important properties for your training

It increases VO2 max or aerobic capacity (1-3). VO2 max is one of the most important measures of an active person’s ability to train high intensively for longer than 5 minutes. World class athletes typically have high VO2 maximums. Now you can increase endurance capacity with L-Carnitine Mega 750™ from MVP Biotech®.

Two factors can cause fatigue during exercise: lactic acid accumulation and muscle glycogen depletion. Its early onset during exercise is harmful to the high performance athletes and the active persons. Several studies indicate that L-Carnitine supplementation decreases lactic acid accumulation (4, 5) and spares glycogen (6) and therefore plays a role in delaying fatigue.

Recovery means a lot for every active individual. L-Carnitine consumption prior to high intensity exercise significantly reduced muscle pain and decreased muscle damage in untrained subjects (7-9).

Other benefits

L-Carnitine is known to be effective in weight management during training (10), supportive for male reproductive system (11, 12), beneficial for cardiovascular health, including positive effects on heart muscle (13)*, healthy cholesterol (14) and sperm quality (15), also it plays an essential role in healthy aging helping elderly persons to stay fit and healthy in both mind and body (16, 17). In addition, carnitine supplementation can improve lipid metabolism, protein nutrition and red blood cell count (18).

Is L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™ a pure product?
Yes, it is. We use only Purest Form of L-Carnitine. Every batch goes though “in-house” and independent lab tests.

How should I take L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™?
We recommend taking 2 to 4 capsules daily between meals.

Is L-Carnitine a new supplement?
L-Carnitine has been used in Europe for more than 30 years; a lot of studies are done on this compound.

I’m a female athlete, after 40 can I use L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™?
There are no contradictions in sex and age. L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™ can be beneficial for proper heart function of women after 40.

Is L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™ safe?
Use L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™ only as directed. Do not use: If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications please consult your physician prior to consumption. For additional info please see Warnings, Cautions and Contraindications.

Why L-Carnitine L-Tartrate in L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™ instead of L-Carnitine Fumarate?
In terms of biochemistry, these two compounds are quite similar. However, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is a more trusted ingredient, since it presents in the market for decades and more studied than L-Carnitine Fumarate.

Where I can buy L-CARNITINE MEGA 750™?
Please, visit our retailers’ page