Product Description

FREAK N HUGE® MASS GAINER delivers you a precision formulation designed to support solid, lean mass weight gain without unwanted fat.

Gram for gram, FREAK N HUGE®is the most powerful 2:1 weight gainer up to now with greater nutritional profile in the world!

It completely breaks genetic limits by supporting post training recovery, providing excellently balanced nutrition ratio and reducing a fat production.

It tastes like a gourmet milkshake and supplies all the latest critical hyper-growth technologies for every serious athlete.

FREAKN HUGE®’s purpose is to Increase Energy Resources to Spare Protein for Maintenance, Repair, and Improvements in Lean Tissue.

Creating an energy excess is key for making gains in lean muscle mass. In a case, when athlete consumes less then energy requirements from supplements and food, the body goes after stored body fat to meet the extra demand. This energy deficit can be good for losing excess body fat. However, it’s not true for “hard gainers”, for those who are looking for quality muscle mass. In order to build new muscle amino acids from existing muscle are used to meet energy demands. This is the reason why lean muscle mass increases suffer. Your organism is prioritizing meeting energy demands and not paying any attention for muscle building.

The decision for this is to consume unique supplement that will meet all energy demands and provide your body with enough quantity of amino acids to maintain, repair and improve lean mass.

This weak point is not covered by most of commercial weightgainers. MVP Biotech®’s R&D department took it seriously and designed a primary new product, a breakthrough in the market, compromising powerful compounds with insulinotropic effects. Prosulin VI®matrix has the power to effectively manage levels one of the body’s most powerful hormones, insulin. This hormone causes cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from the blood, storing it as glycogen in the liver and muscle. Glycogen is stored only for internal, muscle, use, providing your starving muscles with growth facilitation and post-workout recovery.
Prosulin VI® has also an extra potential function that will be discussed further.

Athletes who use FREAKN HUGE® notice tremendous increases in muscle size and are completely recovered for the next hardcore session

Proper nutrition based on pure scientific principles is one of the parts of optimum athletic performance.

We always encourage our users to eat proper food and use approved supplements.  We are hoping they follow our advices. However, sometimes eating properly and on time is a hard task due to a lot of reasons: job schedule, money issues, absent of a supplement by the hand, etc.

Dealing with this issue, MVP Biotech® has made a unique product that meets all the requirements for balanced nutrition needs for Fatigue and exercise stressed suppress systems.

FREAKN HUGE® provides through its Multi Stage technologies a complete wide range of building blocks for profound gains in lean muscle mass. FREAKN HUGE® provides greatest ratios of highly beneficial for athletes nutrients:

FREAKN HUGE®’s technologies directly impacts weight management.

Reducing fat gain can result in more lean muscle mass. Most weight gainers from out there provide moderate fat management effects. Trying to save money on a formula, companies don’t provide athletes with the well balanced gain muscle-reduce fatproducts.

MVP Biotech® includes a couple of highly potent technologies to help athletes increase their lean muscle mass through reducing body fat. Beneficial system of weight management can lead to highly beneficial results in a body composition quality. The most desirable thing for all the mesomorphs.

FibeX™ and Lipolytix™ & OMEGA Edge™ Matrix perfectly complete a perfect FREAKN HUGE® formula fulfilling all physiological demands of mesomorphs.